About me

Johannes HirataSome information about myself.

I studied Economics at the Universities of Maastricht (Netherlands) and Toulouse (France), receiving my Master's degree from Maastricht University in 2001 with my master thesis “Happiness and Economics”. I subsequently worked at Hannover Re for one year.

In 2002 I enrolled for a doctoral degree program at the Institute for Business Ethics at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) under the supervision of Prof. Peter Ulrich and Prof. Dieter Thomä. At the same time I started working at the Institute as a research assistant. In September 2004 I left for Brazil to continue and finalize my PhD research at the Ibmec Business School (now Insper) in São Paulo under the guidance of Prof. Eduardo Giannetti. I spent two of the twelve months abroad (which were sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation) as a visiting researcher at the Centre for Bhutan Studies in Bhutan to deepen my understanding of Gross National Happiness. I obtained my doctoral degree in economics from St. Gallen University in October 2006 with my doctoral thesis on "Happiness, Ethics and Economics" (revised edition published in 2011).

After having worked at Hannover Re for three years, I became a professor of economics at the Hochschule Osnabrück, University of Applied Sciences, in February 2009.

I cooperate as a scientific advisor with the Roman Herzog Institut (Munich) which promotes the public debate on economic and societal development in Germany.

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