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Upcoming events

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Development ethics
The capability approach - Harvard University
Human Development & Capability Association (HDCA)
Capability and Sustainability Centre - Cambrige, UK


Conference "Paradoxes of Happiness in Economics" (Milan 2003)
World Values Survey
Happiness, Economics and Interpersonal Relations

Gross National Happiness

GNH listserv
Buddhist Broadcast (online documentary film on the 2004 GNH seminar; Dutch commentary)
Gross International Happiness

Bhutan - official website
Bhutan's draft constitution website
Centre for Bhutan Studies
Kuensel (until recently Bhutan's only newspaper, twice a week)
UNDP Bhutan
BBC News on Bhutan


Luigino Bruni
Ed Diener
Robert H. Frank
Ronald Inglehart
David G. Myers
Andrew Oswald
Bernard van Praag
Ruut Veenhoven

Online literature

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